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Under Corruption

time vs. necessity
13 March
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"I feel as though I am living with people who are not yet born, with monsters who escape from the womb before their time."
-Henry Miller

"Sometimes, even killing yourself wouldn't be enough. Like when you realize that your entire life has been lived under a presumption of free will, but all you've been able to make of it is a sad, parody of everything you used to hate. Slowly, without trying, everyone becomes what he despises most."
-Steve Albini
13, 27, 324, abdullah, acid bath, agents of oblivion, agoraphobic nosebleed, alabama thunderpussy, amelia gagheart, amorphis, anaal nathrakh, anal blast, anal cunt, anodyne, arab on radar, argyle park, assuck, at the gates, atomsmasher, avenged sevenfold, bathtub shitter, benumb, birdflesh, black flag, black metal, black sabbath, blood for blood, bongzilla, boris, brutal truth, burning witch, burnt by the sun, burzum, buzzov·en, candiria, carcass, catasexual urge motivation, cathedral, cattle decapitation, cave in, church of misery, circle jerks, circle of dead children, coalesce, colombian necktie, converge, corpsefucking art, corrupted, crowbar, cunt throbbing masculinity, darkest hour, darkthrone, daylight dies, deadboy and the elephantmen, death metal, discharge, discordance axis, disrupt, dissection, doom, doom metal, down, driller killer, drone, dysrhythmia, electric wizard, exhumed, extreme noise terror, eyehategod, faith no more, flesh parade, fuck...i'm dead, goatwhore, god dethroned, godflesh, godspeed you black emperor, goregrind, grief, grindcore, gwar, halo, high on fire, house of low culture, impaled, isis, johnny cash, khanate, lethargy, lightning bolt, lividity, man is the bastard, mastodon, mayhem, melt banana, misery index, mogwai, mr. bungle, napalm death, nasum, neuraxis, neurosis, old man gloom, opeth, pelican, phantomsmasher, pig destroyer, porquait, profane existence, regurgitate, relapse records, saint vitus, septic flesh, shai hulud, sick of it all, sigur ros, sleep, sludge, sodomized by marcia brady, soilent green, sourvein, southern lord, spazz, sporadic street gunfight, strapping young lad, subhumans, suicidal tendencies, sunn0))), swans, terrorizer, the black dahlia murder, the blood brothers, the county medical examiners, the dillinger escape plan, the end, the locust, the mars volta, the melvins, the misfits, the obsessed, the red chord, the unseen, today is the day, tomahawk, toxic narcotic, venalfeticide, venom, visceral evisceration, ween, witchfinder general